My first encounter with yoga was almost 8 years ago. Having noticed a little poster in my work place, I chose to give a yoga class a try. At that time, I was not able to touch my toes and therefore I was quite apprehensive whether this would be a good choice to spend a Thursday evening. Thanks to the wonderful teacher who welcomed me that particular evening, yoga became a part of my life. I have been practising since then and have been teaching since March 2014. I have studied yoga with Yogacampus and have been further developing my practice and knowledge with such wonderful teachers like Tias Little, Doug Keller and Jason Crandell, to name just a few. I am passionate about sharing this beautiful gift with everyone who is willing to embark on this life changing journey. I teach Hatha with Vinyasa flow, focusing on breath and movement connection. I believe that yoga is truly for everyone,regardless of their fitness level, body shape and state of mind. I tailor my class to my students' fitness and energy levels, so everyone is truly welcome, just the way I was so manyyears ago. Please join meI