Daily practice daily struggle

Do you feel guilty pressing snooze instead of stepping on the mat? I do, sometimes. In winter my bed and duvet have a special power. My solution is to bring my yoga practice to bed. Yes, you can do your morning practice in your PJ’s and in your bed. Simply bring your knees to your chest and give yourself a good hag. Gently rock from side to side to massage lower back. Open your arms to the side and drop your knees to one side, take a few deep rejuvenating breaths and change the side. Then come to a child pose. Sit on your heels, interlace your fingers and stretch your arms to the ceiling., change the interlace and repeat. Come to all fours and take a few mindful movements from a cow to a cat stretch. Come back to your child pose, and once again sit on your heels. Close your eyes and find something to be grateful for ( the warmth of your bed, good night sleep, a coffee that will be shortly on your breakfast table). Bring gratitude to your heart and it will change your day! It may not feel like you have just had your yoga practice, but trust me- you did. You connected with your breath, found a focus for the day. Next time- tease your toes with the feeling of your yoga mat. Leave it by your bed and it will be much easier to step on it. Little by little, your practice will grow. You do not need 45mins, 5-10 will be enough. Be warned thought! Put your alarm clock on. It is easy to start enjoying this morning ritual without noticing how quickly the time flows. Make sure you allow enough time to finish your practice, have breakfast and get wherever you need to get to with as little rash and hurry as you can afford. Have a happy day!